At Clapsem International we aim at delivering experiences worth of getting imprinted in customers memories through stunning and innovative visual technologies. In our lives everything we do is based on our looks and visual perception. We make decisions based on how we see things. We live and experience life with our eyes. Despite the fact that we live in a truly 3D world until now we have been viewing digital information and visuals in just 2D. 

Clapsem brings you a revolutionary and practical system, to see 3D in-the-air visuals 3d hologram led fan without the need for any wearables.


Who we are ? 

We are path breakers. Innovating continuously bringing new age and impactful products and ideas to the global market. Our focus remains on providing new and compelling products that push the boundaries of experience for both companies as well as customers. 

Our latest visual 3D holographic technology creates an immersive experience in advertising, combined with out data research team to analyse social reach and build a campaign both socially and physically.



Why us ? 



We offer high performance marketing through 3D display advertising. Using online advertising data, we are able to measure reach, response and KPI’s and evaluate how effective they are. For offline business, we build grassroot links that enable us to measure performance across the digital canvas. 



We strive for the latest technology and softwares in order to automate services and build cost effective solutions for our clients. Automation leads to recursion gradually minimising the cost of ads. 

We work with shared access to ad accounts and transparent fees. We charge for service and talent, not for the third party products. 



Our team includes professionals from all areas of the digital marketing spectrum trained on the latest tools and programs that help you achieve success and effective results. 



The ‘Deep Dive Analysis’ is a  technique that we have developed in-house as a solution for our clients. This method of analysis is a combination of quality , monitoring of media metrics, factoring-in both post-click and post-view data to evaluate the effectiveness of a given advertising campaign.